Tuesday, November 1, 2011


James was "The Man with the Yellow Hat" for Halloween. For this costume I used felt for the hat and sewn on tie. I bought two yellow t-shirts from Goodwill and made the shirt and pants. The waistband of the pants was made with a brown t-shirt to make it look like a belt. I cut off the tops of some brown socks to make his boots tall.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Shirts

I made a versatile pattern to make some shirts for James for the fall. They are all the same basic shirt with a little different neckline.

This shirt was a t-shirt Daddy got when he helped with a kids' camp in the Dominican Republic. Daddy outgrew the shirt so I turned it into a shirt for James.

Florida State shirt to help Daddy cheer. I made the shirt from a free t-shirt we got when we went to a Florida State vs. UVA game last year. UVA was having a "white out" game and gave out one-size-fits-no one white shirts. The FS is painted on.

Baby Gift

This is a gift I gave to a friend of mine who just had a baby.

monogrammed onesie

taggie football

Bath Robe

Bath Robe for the pool and bath time!

First Birthday Shirts

Burp Cloths

These are appliqued burp cloths.


Here are some baby quilts that I have made for friends in the past.



Birthday Skirt

This skirt was made for a little friend of ours. Her mom had given me some clothes to take to Goodwill or put in our yard sale. I took two tank tops and turned them into this cute skirt for her daughter's birthday.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Polo Romper

This romper was made from a company polo complete with logo. I added the stripes to cover the logo. I used the existing neckline and sleeves...just scaled them down to fit a 1-year-old. It snaps in the crotch to make for easy diaper changes.


First Birthday

On the back of the first birthday shirt I embroidered a monkey. Our theme for the birthday party was monkeys. The letters for "Uno" (seen in the link above) had bananas painted on them and the back of the shirt had a monkey.

Every first birthday shirt needs matching first birthday shorts. I made these shorts from a pair of capris that no longer fit me. I just used the existing bottoms of the capris so they had a cute little tie. I also added side pockets to these shorts and embroidered a messy 1 on the pocket.


Reuse shirts to make shorts

These knit shorts were made from an old long-sleeve t-shirt that had holes in it. I actually used some of the brown fabric for the letters in the first birthday shirt also. I added a back pocket, two front pockets and a fake fly!

When I was in college plaid shirts were all the rage-not so much now! Plus, I don't think this orange plaid shirt actually fit me anymore. I decided it would make great boy shorts. These had 2 front pockets and no back pockets.


W'msy shirt

Another decorative touch that I have used is to bleach a design on the shirt. This can also be a picture or letters or numbers. The design can't be extremely detailed or intricate because the bleach will bleed some as it works.


Monogram shirt

Another embellishment that can be done to shirts is freezer paper stenciling. This gives the shirt a screen printed look. This can be done with any combination of letters, numbers, or pictures. The possibilities are endless!


Month Shirts

There are several things I can do to add excitement to clothes that are boring or just need an extra 'pop'! Applique is one of those things.

I made shirts for my son to celebrate each month of his life. Here are a couple of examples of the numbers appliqued on shirts for him.

First, is his first birthday shirt. I used the Spanish word "uno" meaning "one."

The next shirt is his 11 month shirt. This shirt has the number 11 along with appliqued chevron stripes.

I can add an applique for $5-$15 depending on the complexity of what you want appliqued.